Little Miss A Designs specializes in unique and modern personalized baby and children's gifts. We offer custom personalized burpees (burp cloths), custom made bibs, onesies, pacifier clips, aprons,diaper pouches and changing pads. Personalized items make great gifts!

We also offer items for all ages: personalized tee shirts, adult size aprons, monogrammed/personalized towel sets and beach towels!

Here's how it works, pick the items you want, pick the fabric and then pick the fonts! You cannot limit your creativity when creating your own custom items. Check out my link to stock fabrics and fonts (shown on right sidebar.)

If you do not see something here, please email me. I always look forward to creating new items!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Little Miss A Designs had a very busy holiday season! I just got back from a family trip to Disney world! We had a great time and naturally my girls loved it. We stayed at the new hotel, The Art of Animation resort and it was wonderful. Here are some pics of my girls at the most magical place on earth. I made them lots of custom shirts and they just loved them! Here are some pics from our trip. We cannot wait to go again!

Friday, October 26, 2012

All things baby!

I have had a few baby orders recently. I have to say that they are my favorite orders to do. I love that each gift I make is created especially for a certain little one. Sometimes my clients pick out their fabric and appliques based on a baby shower theme, or sometimes it's made to match the new baby's room. Which ever it is, it is made with a special someone in mind. one of my favorite gifts that I got for my first Little Miss A was an embroidered onesie. Avery wore it for her hospital pictures and it was such a cute memento for her. Here are some new baby gift sets that I made.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

monogram initial head bands

My oldest daughter (little miss A #1) loves to wear headbands. She has the cutest curly hair and is always looking for a way to push her hair back. I saw a plain headband and thought, how can I make this special for my Avery. Then it occurred to me, I should make a monogram headband! So I decided to go ahead and try and create one. I was very happy with the final result and most of all, Avery was!
My Avery with her headband


Ribbon trim tote bags

One of my favorite things about my job is new ideas. I had a client ask me about making ribbon trimmed tote bags. I love taking on a challenge so I did! I went out and found a great hot pink canvas tote bag. I went ahead and sewed a lime green grosgrain ribbon trim to the top of the bag. After that I embroidered the little clients name and initial on the bag. for the finishing touch I added a bow right under the handle. The bag came out great. Once I made one I had to make another. Only the second one I added a covered button accent. Overall I was really pleased with the design and could not be happier with how it turned out. I also know my client was happy and that makes it all worth it!
 First one!
 Viola!  The final product
 Second one for Amelia with covered button
 Closeup of the embroidery design
 Ribbon trim tote bag

All wrapped up for a gift!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tooth fairy pillows

Recently my eldest daughter watched one of her shows about the tooth fairy.  This got me thinking, let's try making tooth fairy pillows.  Then a good friend of mine asked me to make one (that would work for all 3 of her boys,) so I took on the challenge.  I made a pattern, looked up inspriation and viola!  Here they are. So far I made two, but will be making more styles.  I really like that the tooth is a pocket.  This item is completely custom!  If you have a new idea let me know!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fun! Personalized baseball caps

The summer is upon us! I have been very busy thinking of new items to work on. One of the things I love about my work is creating a new item and taking it inception to an actual item! The first item I had on my list was a baseball cap. I had someone ask me if I did baseball caps as favors for a party. I decided to tackle that request. I found a great manufacturer with quality hats and a variety of colors. I decided to test them on my two little miss A's (my girls, Avery and Alyssa). They came out so well that I had to make them for our niece and nephew when we went out to Philly. Needless to say they were a hit!
 Avery & Alyssa's hat
 Amelia & Luca's
Adjustable metal hidden closure

Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Bloom Launch Party

Little Miss A Designs is excited to be affiliated with the new website: The Little Bloom ( .  It is a great resource for moms in the Hudson Valley region.  I attended the launch party and had a great time meeting the co-founders of The Little Bloom, meeting other crafters, local businesses and local moms.  It was an exciting night that opened many doors of possibilities.  I shared a table with my good friend Meghan from Once Upon a Notion (  We set up a great table. I always seem to have so many samples, I am really glad that it all worked out.  I gave away three items (checkbook cover and two quilted pocket key chains.)

Check out some of my pictures from the event!
 Table all set up

 Once Upon a Notion's table set up

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Minky/Fabric bib

I can finally cross another item of my new item list for 2012, Minky/Fabric bib.  I decided to make this bib for a good friends baby. It came out great. I really like the Minky fabric.  Minky is the softest, cuddly fabric.  I decided with this bib to add snaps instead of Velcro.  My daughter Alyssa was famous for pulling bibs off her that had Velcro, so for her I had to use snap bibs.  From this point on, all of my custom made bibs will have the option of snaps or Velcro.  Some cotton bibs will not have the option, they will be Velcro or snaps. 

Here are some pictures! I hope you like the bib as much as I do!

 Minky side (light green Minky fabric) with "T" applique in the "Sarah" applique font

Fabric side of bib

Monday, January 30, 2012

Taggie Lovies

I can officially cross another item off of my to do list!  Today I decided to take advantage of some down time
(by down time I mean, taking advantage while my 18 month old slept!)and create a lovie.  I know how much my daughter loves her lovie, that I decided it would be a great item to add to my line.  I created a new pattern and decided to make it a taggie lovie.  Kids love to chew on everything and taggies are the perfect addition to this item.   (I will also make one without tags as well).  While this one is not monogrammed, I make all my items custom and can monogram or applique it if a client prefers it.  These make great keepsake

 Minky side of the taggie lovie

 Cotton side

Final result! 

Create your very own custom lovie!  You pick the fabric & patterns.  Taggie lovies may be embroidered or appliqued.  Lovies are also available without tags.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New bib, terry/cotton fabric

I have been thinking more and more about offering some new items. I have a running list in my iPad of items I want to design and create. I find that are not enough hours in the day, but somehow, I manage to find the time.  Most of the time my creative mind just runs wild and my lists get longer and longer.  I tend to not follow patterns and create my own.  My mom says, it's in my genes (coming from a long line of seamstresses and tailors.)

Here are some of the items on my list:
flower head bands & barrettes
toddler belts
new style diaper pouch
terry cloth bibs
terry cloth/fabric burpees
changing pads
stuffed animals (to match giftsets)
offering items in gift boxes

I did manage to get one this accomplished off of this list. I made a pattern for a new bib. It is for my terry/fabric bib. I wanted to make a bib with a different style to add to my collection.  I made the pattern out of muslin.  (I happen to have a bolt of fabric given to my by my Aunt.  I love this because my Great Aunt Lucy used to use it to make dresses) I have had this bolt for at least 15 years...and I am sure it is much older than that!

Here are some pics of the end result...this is my first one and they will become more refined. 

 Terry bib with "M" (Aidan font) applique
 Reversible side with owls (my most popular fabric)
Velcro closure (but i have been tossing around the idea of adding snaps in stead of Velcro)

Stay tuned for some more items to be crossed off my list! 

**also all new orders will include embroidery care instructions.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New year, New items: Monogrammed Checkbook Holder

Well it's a new year and that means resolutions.  I have been thinking about what I would like to accomplish this year and thought of using this blog to talk about new items that I want to create and share.  One of the first items I wanted to share was my monogrammed checkbook holder.  I always create items for babies, but I wanted to add some things for mom.  So out of those thoughts came the monogrammed check book holder. 

These checkbook covers can be complete custom to match the quilted pocket key chains. 

They are available in two different quilt styles: Stipple (as shown) and diamond. 

Checkbook cost: $15.00

Quilted Pocket Key Chain: $12.50 monogrammed

 First checkbook was made with two different contrasting fabrics. 

 Inside of checkbook

 Single fabric checkbook cover
 Inside of checkbook cover
Final product! Success!

 Quilted pocket key chain

Quilted pocket key chains